The Napoleon Dynamite Episode

From the archive: I randomly saw the Edmonton premier of Napoleon Dynamite after snatching up some free tickets that literally no one else wanted. Upon arrival to the theatre I received a complimentary "Liger" t-shirt and a punchcard promising if I saw the film three times I would receive a model sailboat. I am not joking. I thought to myself, who sees a movie in the theatre THREE TIMES? The balls on these people. 

Anyway, I ended up really enjoying the film - only saw it once in the theatre though but I ended up buying it on DVD when it came out and since that time I have certainly earned my model sailboat. 

This episode of NewbsRadio saw us connect the film through the other works of actor Jon Gries who played "Uncle Rico" in the film and who was gracious enough to sit down and chat about this role and others including 1985's Real Genius alongside Val Kilmer. From there we talk about The Who, Grand Theft Auto 4, and a guy named Mike Post. We also featured author Mark Weidenbaum who's book for 33 1/3 Selected Ambient Works, Vol.2 to bring it all together.